Saturday, 16 July 2011

Gluten Free Very Light and Puffy Pastry

I made this pie pastry with gluten free pizza dough mix!

1. Rub in 25g of chilled and finely chopped butter into 320g of gluten free pizza dough mix very well.
2. Mix through 275ml of chilled soda water bit by bit into the pizza dough mix that you rubbed in butter, until it forms dough.
3. Cover the dough with plastic wrapping and rest it for 15mins in cool place.
4. Place the dough onto a large sheet of baking paper, roll it out to form a 1cm thick rectangular with the longer sides are 3 times longer than the shorter side.
5. Between 2 sheets of the baking papers, roll out or beat 180g of chilled butter to form a thick rectangular sheet of butter which is 2/3 of the length of the longer side of the rolled out dough and slightly narrower than the shorter side of the dough.
6. Place the thick sheet of butter on the rolled out dough starting 1cm inside from the edge of the dough.
7. Flip the left-over dough to cover 1/2 of the butter, and lift the covered bit of the butter and dough together to fold and flip them over on the uncovered bit of butter. Place another large sheet of the baking paper over the folded sheet of dough and butter.
8. Between the 2 sheets of the baking paper, roll the folded dough again to form a 1cm thick rectangular with longer sides 3 times longer than the shorter side.
9. Peel off the top baking paper, fold the rectangular dough into 1/3 in length, place back the large baking paper on top of the dough.
10. And between 2 sheets of baking papers, repeat the process of 8 to 9 (minimum 5 more times, up to 7 times. If the dough becomes too soft and sticky and not coming off the paper easily, chill it in the freezer for 5mins at a time between repeating the process.
11. Final thickness should be 5mms to 1cm thick, depending on how high you’d like the pastry to raise to. (thicker the raw pastry sheet, it raises higher only in height) Rest the unbaked pastry sheet flat in the fridge for 15mins before cutting out and baking. Pastry sheet can be frozen, in such case defrost in your fridge before baking.
12. Bake it at 170 degree C for 20 - 25mins or until becomes golden brown. Sprinkle with sugar of your choice while still hot or garnish with cream and fresh fruits after cooled. Enjoy!!


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  2. Thanx for commenting! gluten free Pizza dough mix powder was the easiest to handle when making puff pastery among many offered at supermarkets...