Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Gluten Free Soft White Large Crusty Bread

I modified the recipe came with 'Easy Bakers Special White' Bread Mix from LAUCKE FLOUR to make my bread softer inside and crusty on the outside and baked it in the bread maker basic cycle at medium darkness.

1. For the 500g portion power size, I mixed 8g of instant yeast with 380cc of warm water and left the solution for 5mins.
2. Place the solution of 1. into the bread mixing/baking chamber and add 1 table spoon of softened butter, 500g portion bag of the bread mix, 1 table spoon of Xanthan Gum power and 1/8 cup of white sugar in the mentioned order.
3. Set the bread maker for basic cycle for around 1000g medium darkness of the crust. Usually the cycle is between 3hrs to 3hrs and 30mins.
4. Stand the baked bread for 10-15mins in the baking tin before taking it out to cool. Enjoy!!

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